Buy from a Licensed Broker

Why buy a property using a licensed real estate broker?

We can help you through every stage of the buying process, including finding a property within your price range, making an appraisal of the possible selling price for your property.

Licensed brokers are more professional and follow rules set by the board and government agency that regulates the practice of brokering.  Licensed brokers are determined to protect their credibility and good standing in the industry. One of the reasons is that any conduct that is against the rules and guidelines set by the real estate board will result to cancellation of a broker's license. 

So deal only with licensed brokers -- for your own protection.  You may verify a broker's status by asking the broker for his/her PRC license no and inquiring at PRC.

Buying a home - where to begin?

1st> Determine your budget.  It would be advisable to have the bank do a Credit Investigation of your financial capacity.  The bank will give you an idea the maximum allowable loan it can give you based on the proof of income you submit.  Determine the amount of monthly amortization you can afford.  At this point, you will have to adjust loan term, or amount of loan you will apply for to arrive at the amortization amount suitable for you.

2nd> Determine the maximum price you can afford for a property, with consideration of the resulting amortization amount you have determined.  Add the following:

    (1)  Initial charges of bank for the housing loan

     (2) Buyer's Equity to cover balance to pay for the property

    (3) Taxes and fees to transfer title to the buyer (like Doc Stamps, Transfer Tax, Registration Fees, and Capital Gains Tax ( if it will not be shouldered by the Seller).  The usual practice is for the Seller to shoulder Capital Gains Tax but some Sellers pass this on to the buyer.


Why it is more convenient and wise to search properties through a broker?

We make searching for residential property as convenient as possible - using our website or convenient iPhone app, you'll be able to view descriptions, maps and even colour photographs of the properties on offer.

You have more chances of finding the right home at the right price - since brokers will give you more properties to choose from.  Most houses for sale have no signs indicating that the houses are for sale.  Brokers usually have these houses in their listings.  So there are more chances of finding a good deal!

We are -  residential property experts

Of course, there is much more to buying a house than simply browsing through listings - you'll need to arrange a number of other services as you make your way through the process.

From start to finish, we take the hassle out of the property purchasing process, making moving an enjoyable, easy experience.  We will do all the work for you.