Investing in property with us

If you are keen to purchase a home to resell or rent it out, PinoyProperties.Ph can help you through every stage of your property investment.

And when it comes to managing your property and making the most of your investment, you'll find that your agent can assist with everything from finding the perfect tenants to ensuring you meet your legal responsibilities as a landlord.

Buying a property - finding the perfect investment

PinoyPropertiesPh are ideally placed to provide you with in-depth knowledge about your local area. With networks located across cities, major towns and suburbs, we offer years of experience with local markets.   There are many properties out there that are really good investments -- just waiting to be picked!  Other investors are on the look out for these properties.  Time is of the essence.  PinoyPropertiesPh will help you find it before other buyers do!

From start to finish, we can help you through every stage of your property transaction - as well as the subsequent responsibilities associated with letting a home or apartment.


Property investment specialists

Once you have chosen your investment property and made your purchase, we can help you manage your new house or apartment.

We can assist you with every step of the process of arranging a tenancy, from helping you to attract a tenant with an excellent rental history to managing leases and condition reports.

Private investors may not have the detailed knowledge for the huge range of scenarios that can arise over the course of a tenancy - or the legal paperwork that may be required as a result. A professional real estate agent can help you navigate these issues as and when they arise and ensure all requirements are met.

Your agent can also ensure you remain up-to-date with current conditions in the market and can allow you to achieve the best rental price possible.